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is not an entirely lost art. However it is one that requires the mastery of a variety of materials, techniques and the tireless practice it takes to transform those simple materials into something extraordinary. I came to bookbinding through photography as a means of creating a fitting container for the imagery,  its a relationship that permeates my practice, fuels my want of discovery and one that endures to this day. 


So long as the system of competition in the production and exchange of the means of life goes on, the degradation of the arts will go on; and if that system is to last for ever, then art is doomed, and will surely die; that is to say, civilization will die.
— William Morris

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We have commitment to sourcing the highest quality bookbinding materials for use in our books not because it is easy or inexpensive to but because it is the right thing to do. A well bound book kept safely has the potential to last 500 years or more but only if the materials it is comprised of are made to last as well.  


The Velata Small

K-118 Style binding in progress

K-118 style binding

K-118 style binding


We are thickly layered, page lying upon page, behind simple covers. And love - it is not the book itself, but the binding.
— Deb Caletti